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Product Description Item Index Activity bacterium Min2 Billion / G NPK Min5% Organic matter...
  • Potted Flowers
  • ruitai
  • China
  • 2916190090

Product Details

Type:Potted Flowers Trademark:ruitai
Origin:China HS Code:2916190090

Product Description

Product Description

Item Index
Activity bacterium Min2 Billion / G
NPK Min5%
Organic matter Min45%
PH value 5.5~8.0
Amino acid Min8%
Humic acid Min10%
BSFA Min8%

Main Function:
1. This product can enhance the disease resistance of crop roots, stems and leaves, increase photosynthesis, enhance enzyme activity.
2. It plays a preventive role on the yellow wilt, root rot and other viruses also relieve the injury due to improper spraying.
3. It has a special effects for fruit trees deciduous in the early and spot disease, and can improve the plant physiological functions, increase yield and improve quality.

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